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replace your old single leading shoe brake with a twin leader $350
or this new version 2LS with front and rear scoops, uses Norton shoes and hardware $380
2ls $380
alloy rear brake for slimline swingarms, , choose up or down facing lever $150
alloy yokes, hollow steel stem with damper $400
alloy yokes for use with clipon's $350
alloy yokes with handlebar clamps $380
Fork wipers, these are not fork seals, replaces the perishable short fork boots $47 with spanner
steering damper $50
34.5mm alloy clipon's for all Norton forks $50
longer stainless lever for 2ls brake $20
Lansdowne dampers for Atlas and Commando, state which $360
Lansdowne adjustable dampers compression and rebound $360
stainless front axle nut and washer $50
replace your boltup hub with proper cush drive hub and one piece axle same as Commando but for Slimline fitment, use your old brake and speedo drive or my alloy brake $450
cush drive hub for slimline swingarms, with or without brake $450 without $600 with
Slimline Tank Emblems, Chrome on brass, not Indian made, these are my own product $150/pr while stocks last