Commando Parts

Complete Single disc brake Kit for pre MK3 disc brake Commando. easy to fit no mods to your bike Mastercylinder accepts the Lucas switch block and brake light wires, comes with new lower fender stay not pictured, also included is a Mastercylinder overhaul kit $450 + shipping

Reproduction Commando front drum brake Stainless cast levers , same as original but cast in 316ss not cut from flat plate $350

Cast alloy rear brake , stainless lever, complete, ready to replace your old one. $150

Pre MK3 rearsets for Commando Dunstall replica. these have the very early style cast (stainless) shift lever unlike the later fabricated tube steel type. Rubbers have the Dunstall script $350

Fork wipers. these are NOT fork seals but are a replacement for the perishable fork boots, comes with spanner $47

Stainless front axle, nut and washer, $45

my extremely popular one piece axle kit , replaces the old long and short stub axles, eliminats a host of issues, no threaded portion of the axle between the swing arm plates. $60 or $80 includes a new standard size but sealed sprocket/drum bearing, eliminates the felt seal arrangement

my very popular replacement 1/2" mastercylinder kit comes with hose and fittings as well as a overhaul kit, Accepts the Lucas switch lock and brake light wires, really makes your brakes effective. US$150 + shipping

Alloy fork yokes , hollow steel stem. these have the same 2-1/4" offset as the early Commando. will only fit frames that have the welded on steering stop central on the bottom of the neck ,inquire if in doubt $380 or $350 without handlebar clamps

cast alloy ribbed/finned gauge holders for your standard magnetic instruments $150

cast alloy points cover, nearly out of stock $50

one cable carb kit , keep your carbs in sync with only one idle screw. not for fiberglass tanks due to clearance issues. no mods to your bike, keep your chokes if need be.$110

Billet steel rods, same length etc as original rods, similar to Carrillo rods , come with ARP 2000 bolts $350 while stocks last

Oil pressure switch bolts on timing cover rocker oil feed. connect to one of the 3 lights in the headlamp shell or... Titanium Banjo Bolt $30

stainless left side cover bracket $10

Proper cush drive hub, externally looks the same as original but has the advantage of a proper cush drive and one piece axle, eliminates a whole host of issues. use your standard brake and speedo drive or my alloy brake. $450

cush drive assembly, all new castings etc, no genuine Norton or other make parts or used parts 100% new parts $450

cush drive rear hub $450

front brake shoes , soft linings $40

front brake screens $20/pr

rear hub cover plate for cush drive hubs $20

alternate brake from the standard Twin leader, uses the same shoes and hardware $380. has longer long lever and soft linings

extra long front brake lever for better leverage , stainless $20

Reed Valve crankcase breather for 72 models only. $80