Cafe Racer Parts

Yamaha TZ TD Brake Clutch Levers

Now available Yamaha Brake and Clutch levers complete with adjusters and spring lock $150/Pr while stocks last. contact me

Lansdowne Dampers

Since the passing of John Bould the original designer and manufacturer of his Lansdowne Fork Damper Kits for Commando's I have secured the rights to continue manufacturing the Lansdowne Dampers.

The Lansdowne Dampers are now in production and available for sale US$360 + $60 Shipping in the US, elswhere maybe more or less, contact me

Remember there is no checkout operating here so its a case of contacting me personally at for info, sales etc


Now available for 750/850 Nortons are my new Conrods , nearly identical to Carrillo rods but are lighter and of course much cheaper, these replace the standard rods. US$450 Pr. for more info or to purchase



Well a couple of new products, ALL NEW replacement rear hub assembly for Nortons, looks exactly the same on the outside but features a proper 6 vane cush drive and of course my One Piece Axle assembly, All new cast hub and cast sprocket/drum and new molded rubbers, even comes with a new alloy hub cover, same as the original. fit your own brake or my alloy unit, I also have rebuilt original ones with vents in either all chrome or powdercoated gloss black and chrome.NO MORE cush drive pegs coming loose or rubbers flogging out, no more 2 piece axle dramas. introductory price $450 (no brake)

Also now available are Featherbed fuel tank emblems, yep the long ones I'm the only one in the world to manufacture these , made of brass weighing 500 grams each, being brass is a good base for the chrome, introductory price $170 Pr.

Latest Product, Rearsets for MK3 Norton Commando, made from TIG welded and polished stainless steel, on cast alloy polished mounts, these are beautiful, $450 + shipping

Hi all, it will take some time to get this site fully operational but for those who have an interest in Cafe Racers primarily Norton based then you may be already familiar with my products, and may have stumbled upon them on Ebay , username bikepender1 or on username madass140
 Its hard to keep a constant stock of all my products at any one time, although everything is available some items like wheels etc may take up to a couple of days to assemble, all ways feel free to email me for inquiries regarding my Norton, Cafe Racer or TZ front brake assemblies and parts,    Don




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